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Our story

A garden shed doesn't have to be a just a storage room. At Woodlands, we believe that with the right, sustainable materials and the appropriate look, a 'garden shed' can literally be an extension of your home, your living space and therefore your well-being and happiness. So your garden suddenly offers a few extra square metres of flexible working and/or living space. And all this in a natural environment... Wonderful!

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Augmented Reality

Choosing 'the' right garden house based on a single image is definitely a thing of the past! Thanks to our latest web feature, you can place any garden house from our range directly in your garden via your smartphone. This way, you can immediately see which model really suits you and your living environment!

Woodlands bestsellers


Discover our three bestsellers here. Good to know: All our models can be extended with the necessary options such as flooring, gutters and even an extension house or wood stacking place are among the options.

Our raw materials

For our log cabins, we work with increasingly renewable and/or recyclable raw materials. We buy and process maximum FSCĀ® spruce wood from the Scandinavian countries because the trees that grow there produce more stable and sturdy wood. This ensures not only a strong, but above all sustainable end product.

Our mission

Woodlands supplies robust, modern gardenhouses at the best possible price-quality ratio. More than 50 years of craftsmanship teach us that the best raw materials lead to the most sustainable solutions, that one well thought-out product can be manufactured in the most cost-efficient way and that , dedicated satisfied employees are the driving force behind a strong organisation.

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